Call to Arms: best WoW blog fodder of 2011 so far

I’m sure I needn’t tell you about the implementation of Call to Arms or the uproar it has caused in the WoW blogging community.  Others have covered the subject with greater invested effort that I plan to make, most recently at WoW Insider by Matt Rossi.

During a boring, day-long workshop last month, I tried some rudimentary ‘root cause’ analyses to test whether I could draw out different conclusions than other bloggers have made.  But, no, I cannot….

Fundamentally, the purpose of this change is to encourage more tanks into the LFD queues.  And when I worked on the source of that issue, I reached no novel conclusion.  There are just too few tanks using LFD.  I would preferentially use the following words to describe the root cause of the problem that Call to Arms is designed to address:  “Since the arrival of Cataclysm, tanks have become squeezed between increasingly challenging content and the unchanged talent pool, attitudes, and expectations of the Game’s players.”  I guess it is an off-putting position to be put in.  So, tanks are withdrawing from that field of game-play.

With this analysis, I’ve hatched a new idea for an experiment.  I have considered starting a tank and recording data, metrics, on the experience.  Is it really as difficult as people claim?  Are all the other players of WoW as obnoxious as is popularly believed?  As I’ve not tanked before, I would enter as a ‘noob’ and would need to learn as I went.  We could track the performance of a new tank and how much grief I attract, another subject frequent covered in blogs like this fun item from World of Matticus.  I’d also not have any qualms about naming players who exhibit good and bad sportsmanship, which would make the whole effort even more interesting.

Who knows … perhaps it will start a trend of accountability for one’s actions on the internet.

(*gasp*  Did he just say that?  Let’s ignore it and move on.)

Alas, my work and travel calendars dictate that I will be away from the Game until at least the end of May.  But, I will continue to toy with this idea in the interim.


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