WoW 2 – Irvine, We Have a Problem

With reference to my previous article that postulated Cataclysm was actually a ‘soft’ roll-out of WoW 2, successor to the original World of Warcraft game, I think we have identified some issues.

Now that I am active in the Game again, I’ve been checking out some of the new story lines in the level 1-60 zones, specifically the Tauren, Troll, and Undead initial quests.  And, I can vouch that they are interesting and (mostly) new.

But, what I am finding disconcerting is that all of the NPC’s are fixated on the Shattering and the events surrounding it.  Every conversation and quest is all “The Cataclysm caused” this or “After the Cataclysm we had to” that.  Did I actually hear intermittent weeping at Camp Narache and in Sen’jin Village?

That is bad.  Seriously, how long is this plot line going to remain relevant?  The longevity of the original game was about 6 years.  Are we going to spend the next 6 listening to all the NPC’s complaining to our toon about the horrible events of the Cataclysm as it drifts further and further into the past?  Will every quest still make overwrought references to the Shattering when those events are several years behind us?  I mean, even New Orleans pulled itself together after a while and moved on.  But, instead, WoW is going to be like “Groundhog Day” repeated the events of “Deep Impact” ad mortem.

That’s going to wear thin pretty fast.


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