Choose Your Class

Has this ever happened to you?  You go to a restaurant, one that you’ve heard good things about.  You order; you get a meal that doesn’t really interest you.  Maybe you sample from the plates of some friends or maybe you return a few times and order different things, but always with the same disappointing results.  All the while, everyone you dine with is quite pleased with their meals and want to come back from more.  How about next week?

Not only does that describe my relationship with the American restaurant chain, P.F. Chang, but it also portrays my problems selecting a player class in WoW.

I’ve never found the class that had a style of game-play that made me stand up and shout, “This is the one for me.”  If I ever do, I will probably risk serious addiction to the Game.  Also, I would volunteer to write for WoW Insider.  But, in spite of many attempts, I have not discovered my Azerothian soul mate.

I pushed a Fury Warrior all the way to level 80.  (Remember, I am a casual player.  That feat too most of 2010 for me.)  It was done just to complete one faction’s quests (The Alliance’s) before Cataclysm came out and changed everything.  But, melee isn’t really for me.  I’m more a ‘big picture’ person and prefer to stand back from the action … you know, at a safer distance.

I leveled a Holy/Discipline Priest to 69.  It was interesting.  Nothing really worried me, with all the defensive capabilities.  But, golly, it was slow.  As a Shadow Priest, I could never tolerate the miniscule rotation at the early levels, so that never lasted more than one day.

Level 40, or so, is as far as I ever got with a Mage, a Rogue, or a Warlock.
 – Aside, along the lines of the standard tripe, “A guy walks into a bar … and says, “Ouch.” …:  A Warlock, a Rogue, and a Mage walk into a bar.  The Warlock says, “Curses.”  The Rogue says, “Where’d that come from?”  And, the idiot Mage posts an angry diatribe on the forums claiming that bars are OP.  … Now back to our regularly-scheduled program. –
The Mage was a distaster from which my ego shall never recover.  The Rogue just wasn’t any fun at all.  I’d try a Warlock again, though.

I have had Druids, Paladins, and Hunters into their 20’s.  For all of the Druid’s vaunted flexibility, its damage form at that level is only a cat, which is a Rogue, which doesn’t do it for me.  The Paladin never made sense because it was slow (like my Holy Priest) and there were no buttons to push (like a Shadow Priest).  Worst of both worlds.  Just start attacking and go get a drink from the kitchen; you’ll be fine.  And, the Hunter was also a bit dull, but greatly enhanced by the opportunity to have a highly-customizable sidekick (a.k.a., your pet).

Worst of all is the one class that I tried first.  Having read all the literature, I was convinced, before I ever downloaded the Game, that I was the perfect match, in temperament and interests, for a Tauren Shaman.  OK, right.  Several tries later, I don’t think I have ever gotten a Shaman past level 17.

So, what does the future hold for my class indecision, that is when I get back to playing WoW again?  I’d try a Hunter once more, since it really has been a long time.  But, I already know I will spend more time trying to get an ideal pet, some rare spawn probably, than on questing.  I certainly plan to work on a Warlock again.  The early game-play was shaping up well in patch 4.0.1, which was the last time I was on the Game.  And, I would like to give another chance to a Shadow Priest, but as of 4.0.1, that was still a very limited style of play.

Has this ever happened to you?


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