Blizzcon? Seriously?

Well, this was quite a surprise.  I got to my parent’s for Christmas on Dec.24, and listened as my sister casually dropped into the dinner table conversation that she visited Blizzcon this year.  Uh, … wut?

My sister and her boyfriend live in Silicon Valley, and apparently he is a regular raider in some major guild.  I’ve never really asked for the details.

Now, my sister’s knowledge of Warcraft is encompased within the 10-day free trial of WoW she downloaded in 2009.  With her boyfriend acting as tank, she actually got her Gnome mage (with pink hair, so cute!) to level 12.  I believe that Armory showed her toon had received 250 points of damage on her way to level 12, so he must have been doing all the work, running her around Coldridge Valley with one of his level 80’s.  I coaxed her over to my server for a head-bashingly frustrating afternoon as she tried to figure out how to stand at maximum range from a nightsaber and shoot it with her hunter.

So, yeah, she went to Blizzcon, the little philistine.  Not that I’m envious, really.  I’ve attended too many anime conventions and such when I was younger to know that a few fans gathering together to discuss their interest can be fun, but 10,000 fans packed into a convention center is an apocalyptic (and, before it finishes, distrubingly aromatic) freakshow.  Zero interest.

But, still, talk about injustice.

This year, I found that Santa brought me an Authenticator with unique Blizzcon-10 artwork.  So, I guess that was awfully nice of her.


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