Loot the North Pole

I do like the Feast of Winter Veil.  The decorations that spring up around the capital cities are nice, particulary in Ironforge, where it always seems a little too dark.  But, compared to other world holiday events, it falls a bit flat, I think primarily because it does not have a big boss.  And, by that, I mean a real boss, not the Dr. Seuss knock-off that we currently have.

Greatfather WinterI think it is high time we take a hammer to Kris Kringle, himself.  Set up some sort of feud between Greatfather Winter (who, so far as I can tell, just sits around waiting for cookies and milk to be brought to him) and Sinterklaas.  After being brainwashed by his worthless gifts, Winter can send out raids to bring down his rival.  That way Brewfest would have Coren Direbrew, Hallow’s End can have the Headless Horseman, and Winter Veil gets Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick … of Death!

Besides, the loot he would drop must be fantastic.

I Saw Daddy Tanking Santa Claus
(hummed quietly at your desk to the tune of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“)

  I saw Daddy tanking Santa Claus
  Underneath the high Storm Peaks last night.
  It didn’t see him creep
  Into its lair to peep
  Until the dumb rogue popped Flurry and broke the mage’s sheep.

  Then, I saw Daddy kill old Santa Claus
  Shield Bash to his beard so snowy white.
  What a laugh it would have been
  If the Rudolph adds had come in
  When Daddy was tanking Santa Claus last night.


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