Deathwing Comes to China … sort of

As mentioned in my “About” page, I am a player of WoW who lives in China, in Hong Kong to be precise.  So, I play the game at some pretty odd hours.  People will sometimes misinterpret and ask whether I’m pulling an all-nighter in the Game.  Then I say, no, it’s the middle of Saturday, and I don’t live in the US.  Then they ask where I do live.  Then I have to say “CHINA-BUT-I’M-NOT-A-GOLD-FARMER” before they put me on their “ignore” list and report me.

I’m sure we have all read about the troubles WoW has had with the distributors/hosts in China and the craziness that has gone on there.  I admit that I had some concerns about whether I would be able to continue playing WoW after I moved.  (Yes, I was offered a promotion and an exciting job in a foreign country, and I was worried that I might not be able to access a computer game.  Now, everyone, look up the definition of “addiction”.)

But, everything was ok.  I’m still playing with the game I bought in the US, using a US client and on US servers (which does my lag no favors, let me tell you).  The first time I tried to log in to, it repeatedly forced me to the Taiwanese site, which of course was in Chinese and had no option for English language.  (And, if you don’t find that a little odd, please read up on the history of modern Taiwan.  But, it is true that Hong Kong and Taiwan have always had a less … complicated, I could say, relationship than Taiwan and the rest of China.)  But, once I forced it over to the US site, all was well.

Cataclysm Advert in Hong Kong

Cataclysm Advert in Hong Kong

About two weeks before Cataclysm went live, posters began showing up in subway and bus stations around Hong Kong advertising the game.  I thought they looked really sharp.  Apparently, Cataclysm was playable over here on December 9, 2010.  But, the posters are still directing players to a Taiwanese web site.  Interesting.

Therefore, it seems Deathwing has officially arrived in this one corner of China, but, I’m guessing, nowhere else.


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